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Some frequently asked questions (if the answer isn't here please ask us!)

Do I have to be legally married before the ceremony?

No you can do it either way around, legally marry before or legally marry after in your country of residence, it's up to you.

Can I marry in a church in France?

All weddings in French churches are symbolic as to be legally married in France you have to be married at the Mairie or town hall. France is a Catholic country and therefore all churches are Catholic. It is down to the discretion of the individual church if they will let you marry there. You are more likely to be able to marry in the chapel of a chateau than a church in a town. So yes you can marry in a church if the church will let you.

Do you perform same sex marriages?

Yes, a marriage is a marriage no matter who the couple are!

What do you wear?

I wear smart clothing appropriate for the wedding in question. If you have a colour theme for your wedding then let me know and I will attempt to fit in with that. If I am performing a church wedding I do not tend to wear religious clothing unless asked to do so. Within reason if you have a specific item or theme you would like me to wear I will do!

Can I have readings in my ceremony?

Of course you can be it either by myself or a friend or family member. The ceremony is tailored to you both and you can choose the elements you wish to include.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.

For your bespoke wedding contact Tasha

Siret: 844 707 647 00019

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